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What kind of conveyor belt can be used for food transmission?

管理员|2019.11.18|Number of views:466

Food grade conveyor belt, literally, is bet which is used for transportation of food and food raw materials etc with characteristic safe, pollution-free,no poison, no smell, smooth surface of the conveyor belt. The material of food conveyor belt is PU (polyurethane), PE (polyethylene), PVC, silicone rubber, PTFE (Teflon).


PU is abbreviation of Polyurethane, refers to the main chain containing repeated polyurethane group of macro-molecular compounds collectively, with wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, no pollution, non-toxic and tasteless,anti-acid anti-corrosion. PVC is an initiator of vinyl chloride monomer in peroxides and Azov compounds or generated under the action of light, heat according to the free radical polymerization reaction mechanism polymerization from the polymer. Environment-friendly PVC doesnt contain eight heavy metals components and Phthalandione base on latest European standard.