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Why we choose PVK conveyor belt for logistic?

管理员|2019.11.19|Number of views:542

With the improvement of people's living standard, online shopping has become one of the indispensable shopping methods in our life. In order to meet the market demand and meet people's shopping desire, many online shopping platforms will launch a variety of promotional activities. With the rapid development of online shopping platforms, accelerated the development for the related industries, such as warehousing, logistics, express delivery and other industries. Most people prefer to online shopping as the the openness and easy for comparison of the price, inconveniently shopping during work and chooses of the customers are diversified. In addition, convenience of online shopping is delivery timely and from door to door.


With the increasing popularity of online shopping for the past years, thousands of items need to be delivered to different cities on average every day, which requires timely and accurate sorting and distribution, so the logistics industry has been growing rapidly. Accordingly, auto intelligent sorting, logistics system is replace for manual sorting and logistics to improve the delivery time, corrective, and efficiency.

Taking the safe consideration of sorting people during the sorting and distribution from the articles with inflammable and explosive characteristics, most of the logistics operation transportation center will choose PVK conveyor belt. The most of important factor of PVK conveyor belt is its advantages with flame retardant and non-flammable, especially in the logistics operation center where is full of inflammable, PVK conveyor belt playing a important role.

In addition, in places where with large human flow, such as airports, railway stations, bus stations and subway stations, we will find the PVK conveyor belt are used for auto-transfer machines for luggage handling system.